Musical Theater, Basel
Musical Theater, Basel
Musical Theater, Basel

Musical Theater, Basel

The Musical Theater Basel offers a seating capacity of 1'557 people on an area of 900m2. The foyer with its 5 bars and an area of 1'400m2 is spread over two storeys and has a capacity for around 1'000 guests. The theatre was constructed as a building within a building in an existing hall. Due to a tight timeline, the construction was undertaken on a two-shift basis and with partial commissioning.


MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG


Burckhardt + Partner, Basel


Basel, Feldbergstrasse


Theatre, Foyer

Key Dates

1994 March | Preliminary study
1994 October | Start of construction
1995 September | Completion


25 million CHF

Our Role

Delegates of the Building Authorities

Our Tasks

Processing feasibility study
Project Management for the Client for construction and operations