Hall 1 and Masterplan, Messe Basel
Hall 1 and Masterplan, Messe Basel

Hall 1 and Masterplan, Messe Basel

Three-storey trade fair hall with a gross floor area of 65,000 m2, energy-efficient buffer zone in the facades, 250 kW photovoltaic system and lorry unloading area in basement; construction process in two shifts due to limited 10-month construction period based around trade fair schedule.


MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd


Theo Hotz AG, Zurich


Exhibition Site, Basel


Trade fair hall, restaurants, conferences

Key Dates

1996 | Competition
1997 - 1998 | Planning
1998 | Start of construction
1999 | Completion


160 million CHF

Our Role

Project Management for preliminary study and competition

Our Tasks

Guidelines for competition and planning
Evaluation and invitation of the competition project team
Drawing up of competition programme
Management of the pre-selection process / member of jury
Management of the project management team for planning and execution
Creation of masterplan
Planning and process definition
Project Management (steering, project management, execution)